Cookie Policy

We care about the security of your data and want you to be confident about using this website and working with us. We aim to be clear and straightforward about how we collect, store and use your data. This page concerns the use of cookies on this website. For more information on how we use your personal data, please view our Privacy Policy page.

Third Party Reassurance

We use a plug-in on our website, to manage cookies, called “Piwik Pro”. They are an alternative to Google Analytics. Their mission is to offer the strictest security policies and privacy regulations around the world. You can be reassured that:

  1. Using their tool means you have full control over the browsing data we collect.
  2. They have strict mechanisms in place to ensure that data collected is not identifiable to you personally.

Cookies We Use

Analytics Cookies (Piwik): To see where visitors come from, what pages they view and how long they spend on the site. This allows us to continually improve the website. 

Pop-Up Cookie (GetSiteControl): We use this tool to serve a “pop-up” message on the website. It needs to use cookies to ensure you only see it once. We don’t want to show it to you many times!

Privacy Banner

You should have seen a privacy (cookie) banner when you first arrived on our website. You were given the option to “accept all” or “customise” your cookie settings. If you’d like to change these settings at any time, you can do so below:

Privacy Settings


Questions? If you have any questions relating to this cookie policy, please contact me