Better Journey

A series of video chats with people who know how to change websites for the better. They share their challenges, provide solutions and give hands-on advice.


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  • #4 Marketing with Purpose - Marion Gould (Microsoft)

    A chat with Marion Gould, a Client Partner Lead at Microsoft Advertising UK, about “Marketing with Purpose”. We chat about what Marketing with Purpose means to Marion, what it means to Microsoft, how this aligns with Sustainability and why Microsoft think AI can help.

    The main 5 tips we cover are:

    1. Why brands have to consider their purpose in order to connect with their audience
    2. Why “Inclusivity” is so important to Microsoft
    3. Don’t just tick a box, authenticity is key
    4. How AI may be able to accelerate sustainable solutions
    5. Hints about what’s on the horizon for Microsoft Ads

    Useful links mentioned in the chat:

    • Accelerating Sustainability with AI Playbook: here
    • The Microsoft Advertising UK blog: here
    • Connect with Marion on LinkedIn: here

  • #3 Google Analytics 4 - Jonathan Moore (Consultant)

    A chat with Jonathan Moore, an SEO & GA Consultant, about GA4. What users are finding most challenging with GA4, what to look-out for and some tips on how to make reporting a little easier.

    The main 5 tips we cover are:

    1. Beware the out of the box settings, especially “data retention” period
    2. Get a basic understanding of the new GA4 data model
    3. Dimensions and metrics, and how you use them, have changed
    4. The best way to learn is through “purposeful practice”
    5. Make use of the different reports available

    Useful links mentioned in the chat:

    • Connect with Jonathan on LinkedIn: here
    • Google Analytics Tutorials and Certification: here
    • Benjamin Mangold’s Loves Data Video Tutorials: here

  • #2 Digital Sustainability - Marketa Benisek (Wholegrain Digital)

    A chat with Marketa Benisek from Wholegrain Digital about Digital Sustainability and how to take steps to lower the carbon impact of your website.

    The main 5 tips we cover are:

    1. Measure your website carbon emissions
    2. Reduce your website’s data transfer
    3. User a green web hosting provider
    4. Make your website accessible
    5. Raise awareness

    Useful links mentioned in the chat:

    • Connect with Marketa on LinkedIn: here
    • Visit the Wholegrain Digital website (and sign up to their newsletter): here
    • Tom Greenwood’s book “Sustainable Web Design”: here
    • Join the Climate Action Tech community: here
    • Branch magazine: here

  • #1 Data Privacy - Siobhan Solberg (Consultant)

    A chat with Siobhan Solberg, a Data Privacy Consultant, about Data Privacy. Why it’s important, how the roll out of GA4 impacts it, how a “privacy notice” differs from a “cookie banner” and some steps you can take to gain your website visitors’ trust.

    Key things we cover:

    1. Privacy? Data protection? Data Security? Compliance? Which is it?
    2. How do things compare in the US, UK and EU?
    3. The importance of privacy notices and cookie banners
    4. Google Analytics 4 (GA4) and privacy concerns
    5. Ethical data collection and transparency (especially in marketing)

    Useful links mentioned in the chat:

    • Connect with Siobhan on LinkedIn: here
    • Read more on her website:
    • Other people Siobhan suggests following to learn more about Analytics & Data Privacy: Simo Ahava (GTM & Technical Analytics) and Corey Underwood (Analytics Data Privacy & Protection)

  • About the Better Journey video series

    I’m a certified B Corp and I’m convinced that organisations can do well financially while also doing good for society and the environment.

    These chats aim to seek advice from specialists who can help organisations provide a better journey through their website, for their customers, and for people & planet.

    The name “better journey” seemed right because it’s about….

    Making websites perform better.

    Making the customer journey better.
    Having a better impact on people and planet.
    We’ll talk about all things related to improving website journeys, and wherever possible we’ll provide direct recommendations for having a more positive impact on people & planet.
    I’ve worked in Digital Marketing for 25+ years. Most of that time was in Digital Agencies, but I now help client side organisations improve the performance of their websites and agency teams improve their effectiveness.
    In both cases the goal is to drive sustainable growth.
    Connect with me on LinkedIn here.